Monday, May 28, 2012

Tim Hortons

As a Canadian, you probably all think I'll go bat shit crazy and start killing people if I don't wait half an hour in the line for a Tim Hortons coffee.

To be quite honest with you, Tim Hortons is good, but not as good as everyone thinks it is. All the bakery stuff is shipped in frozen, pre-baked and just re-heated in a convection oven and why? Because you people are brainwashed.

You love Tim Hortons coffee so much, that you're willing to wait in line for half an hour for a coffee and a donut. Meanwhile there's people in front of you getting 10 coffees and 3 dozen donuts (yes, people ordering multiple dozens of donuts is common there) and you wonder why I said everything's frozen? It's because the demand is so high they can't afford to have five bakers trying to keep up.

As far as the coffee goes, if you knew how much they put for one pot, you'd start to realize, the reason you can't have Tim Horton's coffee at home is because you're cheap. They put a LOT of coffee in there and a LOT of sugar, that's why it's so appealing, strong flavour balanced out with lots of sugar. There is NO secret ingredients, it's just plain good quality coffee. So if you really like Timmies that much, save yourself some time (and money), buy a DECENT quality coffee, and in a home brewer pretty much fill the basket in other words don't cheap out. Buy actual 18% coffee cream, put in twice as much sugar as you normally would and there you have it, Tim Horton's coffee at home.

The sandwiches are really nothing remarkable, nor are the soups. Soups are either a powdered or frozen mix (depending on which soup you get) and sandwiches are merely high quality processed ingredients, to make one at home would be half the cost, so if you really like their sandwiches, again, stop being cheap with what you buy to make sandwiches at home.

The only reason you people like Tim Hortons is because you're too cheap to buy the quality ingredients they sell you, and trust me, you pay for it, in time especially if you go there at lunch for a half hour lineup.

Alligator and Alligator 2: the mutation

Alright, so last night I watched Alligator (1980) wasn't as cheesy as I expected, the production quality was actually decent.
This morning before work I decide to watch Alligator II: The mutation (1991) and I'm expecting this super cheesy mutated alligator that's hardly an alligator, and what do I get? a simple re-hash of the first.
They were both decent movies in their own respects. They each had separate main characters with separate stories, the 90s one obviously featuring a sleaze bag hair greased back thinks he owns everything 90s villain.
The main thing that separated these two movies is that in the first, you started to actually feel for the main character. The second movie, while being more amusing, the main character isn't that easy to relate with.

The general plot of both movies is that an gigantic alligator (30ft in the first one) is living in the sewers of a major city, and all of a sudden they notice it's killing people (18 years later in the first). With such a crappy plot hole of why all of a sudden out of the blue when the creature is 18 years old do they FINALLY start noticing strange disappearances, did it not eat for 18 years? You assume that you're in for a simple b-grade monster flick, low budget, crappy story, mediocre acting. Honestly, this movie had decent actors, the story (other than the massive plot hole I mentioned) was good and the budget was $1,500,000 for an early 90s movie that's not too bad. 
You go in expecting a b-grade but then it turns out it isn't. Alligator is the most serious movie I've seen with a b-grade idea and they actually manage to pull it off.
Honestly, if you like a monster flick, both Alligator movies are worth the watch, definitely check them out, and now IMDB links:
Alligator (1980)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Avengers - Briefly what I thought of the movie

So I went to see the Avengers in theatres about a week or two ago, and if anyone hasn't watched it, it's worth a watch when it comes out on video.
There is not a lot of story (which is probably the best way to put major hero names into the title) and they didn't include Spiderman or Wolverine, but they did great with what they had. And hey, after Spiderman 2 and 3, I think if they included Spiderman I'd refuse to watch it. What little story there is is based on the premis that Loki (Thor's brother) steals a super powerful energy source (the name escapes me) and is going to use it to open a portal to bring forth an army to conquer Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. Gathers together superheroes to capture Loki.
At first they didn't know what to make of Thor and an epic battle ensued, there was some bickering amongst the troops but they managed to pull it together and work as a team to fend off total doom. Standard superhero plot, really.
What made The Avengers stand out to me was that they didn't try and bog it down with backstory for each character, instead they drew from each characters respective movies. This means they have a lot more time for ass kicking and high action. (Unlike Green Lantern which was a good movie but at least 60% buildup) Each character was unique and followed the personalities set down in the previous movies nicely, Thor was a little arrogant, Captain America was out of touch, Iron Man was a dick, Hulk was good at smashing stuff. Now, I haven't seen Iron Man or Captain America (but now I want to) but I have to say they made good use of previous characters introduced in Thor, and possibly ones from Iron Man and Captain America, running on assumption for those two of course. This continuity made me feel like I already related to a lot of the minor characters, there was already some familiarity there meaning more room for action and less for introductions.
The problems I had with the movie were pretty minor. I've heard some people complaining that it was basically Iron Man 3. Well of course the obnoxious character is going to stand out like a sore thumb. They really did not try and center the movie around him. Hulk was way too controlled, nobody should be able to order The Hulk around, he's unreasonable. They had to do it that way though, otherwise it would turn into a comedy with the Hulk just kicking everyone's ass. Another problem I had with the movie was the 3D. I haven't watched a lot of movies in 3D, my first 3D movie was Thor, and that was amazing, but the way they're going about it now, the 3D is so mediocre I had to take my 3D glasses off just to remind me that the movie is in 3D. Why do I want to spend the extra money for something that's hardly even noticeable?
To sum it up, great high action movie, anyone who liked Iron Man, Thor and Captain America will love this movie. Torrent it, rent it, buy it, whatever you do with movies, but make sure you get it in HD, it's worth it.