Monday, May 28, 2012

Tim Hortons

As a Canadian, you probably all think I'll go bat shit crazy and start killing people if I don't wait half an hour in the line for a Tim Hortons coffee.

To be quite honest with you, Tim Hortons is good, but not as good as everyone thinks it is. All the bakery stuff is shipped in frozen, pre-baked and just re-heated in a convection oven and why? Because you people are brainwashed.

You love Tim Hortons coffee so much, that you're willing to wait in line for half an hour for a coffee and a donut. Meanwhile there's people in front of you getting 10 coffees and 3 dozen donuts (yes, people ordering multiple dozens of donuts is common there) and you wonder why I said everything's frozen? It's because the demand is so high they can't afford to have five bakers trying to keep up.

As far as the coffee goes, if you knew how much they put for one pot, you'd start to realize, the reason you can't have Tim Horton's coffee at home is because you're cheap. They put a LOT of coffee in there and a LOT of sugar, that's why it's so appealing, strong flavour balanced out with lots of sugar. There is NO secret ingredients, it's just plain good quality coffee. So if you really like Timmies that much, save yourself some time (and money), buy a DECENT quality coffee, and in a home brewer pretty much fill the basket in other words don't cheap out. Buy actual 18% coffee cream, put in twice as much sugar as you normally would and there you have it, Tim Horton's coffee at home.

The sandwiches are really nothing remarkable, nor are the soups. Soups are either a powdered or frozen mix (depending on which soup you get) and sandwiches are merely high quality processed ingredients, to make one at home would be half the cost, so if you really like their sandwiches, again, stop being cheap with what you buy to make sandwiches at home.

The only reason you people like Tim Hortons is because you're too cheap to buy the quality ingredients they sell you, and trust me, you pay for it, in time especially if you go there at lunch for a half hour lineup.

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